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Visitor's Tips - Rent a Bar badge
Having arrived in the city, if you want to rent a car you can do so from the airport, the Sants railway station or from one of the following addresses:        [...]
Shopping - Premier Tax Free Logo
In order to be eligible for a VAT refund you must reside outside the country in which you are making your purchases. When shopping in the EU you must reside outside the European Un[...]
If you’re not from the European Union you can take advantage of the special conditions for your purchases, you can claim back for the VAT. Ask for your tax free cheque when b[...]
Underground There are six underground lines in Barcelona identifiable by their colour and number. The underground is the fastest way to get from one place to another around the cit[...]
Passport European Union citizens may enter Spain showing either their National Identity Document or their passport. For citizens from other countries a passport is obligatory and i[...]
Barcelona is well-connected by plane, boat, train and road. Arriving by plane Barcelona’s airport is situated in El Prat, 15 km to the southeast of the city. There is a line of bus[...]