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La Sala de Camós - Photo by Emily
Stepping out of the car upon arriving at La Sala de Camós, a small hotel in a refurbished Medieval building near the town of Banyoles, one is struck by the complete darkness, and t[...]
Emily drinking a good Tea
Many of us probably have New Years resolutions to be keeping–something about consuming less sugar and caffeine and going to the gym more often was it?  Well, today I’m [...]
Emily Tour Guide - Raval Street - Photo by E. McBride
  Just back from Christmas break, and walking around Barcelona reminds me why I love it.  Brilliant sunshine in January (although it’s not exactly warm), the smell of wa[...]
La Vanguardia – 06/26/2011 Barcelona potencia la marca turística con más información La especialización creciente de Barcelona como centro de destino turístico para un segmen[...]
Tourists visiting Barcelona already have a new magazine that informs them of everything that may interest the visitor to Barcelona. The new publication called “Barcelona Plan[...]
100x100turismo.com – 06/15/2011 Barcelona Planning.com Los turistas que visitan Barcelona ya tienen una nueva revista que les informa de todo cuanto puede interesar al visita[...]