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Area Focus - Santa Maria del Mar - The Born Neighbourhood
BORN EN RIBERA BY ROSER MARCÉ Highly personalised women’s clothing label. The quality of the fabrics used, the handiwork and details are the great obsesión of this designer and con[...]
If you’re not from the European Union you can take advantage of the special conditions for your purchases, you can claim back for the VAT. Ask for your tax free cheque when b[...]
Shopping - BCN Christmas Shopping
Why Does Santa Claus Choose BCN Christmas Shopping? Santa Claus goes Christmas Shopping in Barcelona because he knows exactly what he’s after. He knows he wants lots of shopping op[...]
Shopping - BCN Christmas Shopping
Barcelona is a city of shops; they are everywhere and of all types, from the local shops to the best and most glamorous international brands and also our prestigious national brand[...]
Emily - Adoro Mi Oro - Gold Upcycling and Design - Pic by Emily
In these recession-gripped times, recycling starts to make sense economically as   well as environmentally.  Barcelona based jewellery designer and goldsmith Katja Jesek allows you[...]
Discovering Barcelona - Vinçon - Interior Terrace
If you are looking for a multi-purpose art space, original gift items, modern and attractive designs and everyday objects for the house with a distinctive touch, then the design st[...]
These gift items and souvenirs of a stay in Catalonia were developed as a line of products symbolizing the most representative elements of the country, while avoiding the common cl[...]
A host of shops selling good quality products ideal for a gastronomic souvenir of Barcelona have sprung up around the remodelled Mercat de la Llibertat in Gràcia. Cured ham, sausag[...]
EUREKA KIDS Eureka Kids embarked on this venture in 2002 and now have 82 stores throughout the world. The aim of this toyshop is to help children with their education using toys, w[...]
The street of Gran de Gràcia is one of main commercial thoroughfares of the neighbourhood, and one where you can see many high street names. However Carrer Verdi is where you will [...]