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How many life-sized dinosaurs reproductions have you seen in your life? The traveling exhibition Prehistoric Tour allows you to see several, and it will also show you and your chil[...]
Agenda - Exhibitions - Fira del Disc de BCN 2012
Barcelona International Record Fair Music lovers in general, but especially fans of vinyl, will have the opportunity to find in this fair that old album they cannot find in convent[...]
“A Collage Before Collage” Pablo Picasso invented the art collage sometime in the spring of 1912; other artists then took it up and enriched it with new perspectives. But long befo[...]
Barcelona Highlights - Delacroix and Goya - CaixaForum
One of the exhibitions with which CaixaForum Barcelona is celebrating its 10th anniversary is devoted to the great French painter, Eugène Delacroix. From the Louvre Museum, from 15[...]
Culture and Arts - CCCB Museum - Pic by cvander
Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona – Global Screen From 24th January to 28th May, CCCB presents an exhibition exploring the importance of screens in the world today[...]