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Area Focus - Sants and Hostafrancs - CaixaForum Roof pic by LMS
Casimir Casaramona commissioned the famous architect Josep Puig i Cadafalch to design a factory for his textile-production enterprise. In addition to being a widely acknowledged ar[...]
Area Focus - Sants and Hostafrancs - Espanya Industrial Park pic by LMS
Until well into the 20 century, the lands now occupied by this versatile park housed a large textile factory with the same name that the park inherited 13 . Thanks to a neighbourho[...]
Area Focus - Sants and Hostafrancs - Escorxador Park pic by LMS
Joan Miró Park 10 , also known popularly by its former name, Parc de l’Escorxador, is located at the end of Carrer Tarragona, next to the new Arenas 11 shopping centre and ne[...]
Plaça Espanya This is not only the beginning of the Hostafrancs and Sants neighbourhoods, but also the gateway to Barcelona’s convention centres Fira de Barcelona (Montjuic) 5 . It[...]
Carrer de Sants No one would imagine that the streets of Sants and Creu Coberta 4 , whose four kilometres make up one of Europe’s largest commercial hubs, was, until well into the [...]
Area Focus - Sants and Hostafrancs - Mercat de Sants pic by LMS
Mercat de Sants Inaugurated in 1913, this modernist-style building combines iron and brick like the majority of Barcelona’s markets. The façade is decorated with ceramic tiles disp[...]
Area Focus - Sants and Hostafrancs - Carrer de Sants pic by LMS
The Sants and Hostafrancs neighbourhoods are located close to Montjuïc, with its borders lying between Plaça Espanya and the adjacent city of Hospitalet. Sants was an independent t[...]