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Agenda - FC Barcelona Match - Leo Messi - Pic by FC Barcelona
Even though they didn’t win the Champions League or the Spanish league, Barça is still thought of as the best club in the world, as expressed through the indisputable world number [...]
Things to Do - Camp Nou Experience
Get to Know Barça in Depth with the “Camp Nou Experience” Now that the football season has ended it is a good time to get to know the history and the facilities of one of the world[...]
Agenda - FC Barcelona Match - Leo Messi - Pic by FC Barcelona
One of the most exciting experiences of any visit to Barcelona is celebrating a goal by Lionel Messi in Camp Nou. Whether you like football or not is immaterial, just going to a ma[...]
Agenda - Camp Nou - Pic by FC Barcelona
The stadium 6  is open to visitors and includes the Barça Museum, opened in 1984, where visitors can learn all about the hundred-year history of the football club, and visitsomeoft[...]
To visit the FC Barcelona museum and walk through its facilities is to relive the places where football’s biggest stars have passed through. The Barça club, more than a century-old[...]
FCBOTIGA MEGASTORE The Barça football club is the team of the moment; its style of play has revolutionized all the rules of the game. Ball possession and athleticism join forces wi[...]