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Agenda - Music - Madonna - Promo Picture
Two Nights with Madonna at the Palau Sant Jordi It was to be expected: with all the fans that Madonna has in Barcelona, just one concert from this diva of pop was never going to be[...]
Music - UB40 in Concert
UB40 in Razzmatazz… Finally! They were forced to cancel their last visit to Barcelona in February due to the singer, Duncan Campbell, having an accident, but now they are in [...]
Agenda - Music - Gran Gala de Flamenco
Fort Pienc is one of the most culturally rich areas of the city, thanks to the presence of two great temples: the Teatre Nacional and L’Auditori. Although grand orchestras often pe[...]
Hidden Gems - Cathedral of Barcelona - Pic by Jorge Lascar
In November 2010, UNESCO declared The Song of the Sibyl a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. This Gregorian liturgical drama has been celebrated almost un[...]
This is the big music festival on the Barcelona winter scene, starting in December and whose final curtain call won’t be until the month of March. It blends a variety of musical st[...]
These two internationally successful bands have hung up the ‘sold out’ sign for their concerts in Barcelona. Smashing Pumpkins are, predictably, just too big for Razzmatazz, where [...]
Agenda - Andrew Eldritch - Pic by Hayaji
The rock band led by the cavernous voice of Andrew Eldritch is in good shape. Or at least that’s what you think when you see the schedule of concerts awaiting them this month: 13 p[...]
Agenda - Superchunk at Sant Miguel Primavera Club 2011 - Pic by Superchunk
The Primavera Sound festival is one of the biggest on the Barcelona and Spanish scenes, but there’s one problem with it: it’s only held once a year. To make the wait between each e[...]
Agenda - Christopher Cross - Miami January 2011 - pic by Ron Elkman
His solo musical career started out brilliantly. In 1979 his first album won 5 Grammy awards, and two of his singles, Sailing and Ride Like The Wind, rose to the top of the hit lis[...]
Agenda - Elbow at Poblenou's Casino - Pic by Elbow
The charming Poblenou area is still the scene of indie-rock concerts put on by the Primavera Sound festival label. Under the name of Imperdibles San Miguel (one of the country’s mo[...]