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City Attractions - Panoramic view from the Mirador de Colom. Rambla de Mar and Maremagnum
The Aeri del Port From the hill of Montjuïc you can hover over Barcelona’s port aboard a cable car. In 1926, in preparation for the 1929 Barcelona International Exposition, the ide[...]
City Attractions - Portal de la Pau
Port Vell The Old Port stretches from the Drassanes Reials, or “Royal Dockyards”, on the right of the Cristòfor Colom statue as we look towards the sea, all the way round to the le[...]
Places to Visit - Moll de la Fusta - Pic by LMS
The Discoverer of America. Christopher Columbus was a controversial character who discovered the American continent on the 12th of October 1492 while trying to navigate his way to [...]
Christopher Columbus (or Cristòfor Colom, as he is known in Catalonia) is a controversial figure, if undoubtedly a great sailor, who in 1492 discovered the American continent when [...]