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Agenda - Barcelona Carnaval 2012
They say it’s the most entertaining party of the year. The ideal occasion to leave behind all our fears and embarrassments and become someone else under a mask or costume. It’s a v[...]
Agenda - Cavalgada de Reis - Featured
In spite of being a proudly modern city, there are certain traditions in Barcelona that have remained alive and unchanged for decades.  The procession of the Three Wise Men of the [...]
Agenda - Swan Lake - Poster by Promoconcert - Featured
Tchaikovsky Christmas at the Coliseum At this time of the year the Barcelona marquees couldn’t be without The Nutcracker and Swan Lake, two pieces of classic ballet typical at the [...]
Hidden Gems - Cathedral of Barcelona - Pic by Jorge Lascar
Every Saturday, the Plaça de la Catedral turns into a display of Catalan culture. The goal of this activity, organized by City Hall, is to introduce visitors to the traditions of t[...]
Festivities - Festes de Gracia - Street Decorations
Barcelona folk who cannot go on holiday in August know that staying in the city is also not a bad option as it means they can enjoy one of the best popular street parties of the ye[...]
Traditions - Coca de Sant Joan - Photo by Espencat
The Coca de Sant Joan (a typical Catalan cake) is a delicious treat made in Catalonia to celebrate the Sant Joan night festival on June 23rd, and it’s usually accompanied by a glas[...]
Fire and Fireworks on the Sant Joan Midsummer’s Night There is nothing like arriving at your holiday destination and finding that there is a festival in full swing, especially if i[...]
Hidden Gems - Catalan Food - Photo by LMS
A Tasty Souvenir for Your Palate The climate conditions and the conservation and development of food traditions in Catalonia can offer a range of specific products in the Mediterra[...]
Agenda - Cursa dels nassos 2011 - Pic by Barcelonas Council
The festive season is a time to be at home with the family and with the central heating on. However, not all Barcelona residents follow this pattern. Not least the more daring, who[...]