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News - 7th FIEP European Congress - Sponsoring Page
We are glad to announce that we are sponsoring the 7th European Congress of the Fédération Internationale de Education Physique (FIEP) to be held in Barcelona on 7th – 9th of[...]
Shopping - BCN Christmas Shopping
Barcelona is a city of shops; they are everywhere and of all types, from the local shops to the best and most glamorous international brands and also our prestigious national brand[...]
News - New Distribution Point in Englang - Pic by Karen Roe
Request your Magazine on new distribution spots over the city: L’Artiste Muscle Wine Bar 1 Shepherd Market Mayfair London W1J 7PA Café La Baita Bandstand Windmill Drive Claph[...]
If you’re looking for our magazine, we can offer some recommendations: Where to Pick Up Our Magazine in Barcelona At the Following Tourist Information Offices: Barcelona-El P[...]
La Vanguardia – 06/26/2011 Barcelona potencia la marca turística con más información La especialización creciente de Barcelona como centro de destino turístico para un segmen[...]
Tourists visiting Barcelona already have a new magazine that informs them of everything that may interest the visitor to Barcelona. The new publication called “Barcelona Plan[...]
100x100turismo.com – 06/15/2011 Barcelona Planning.com Los turistas que visitan Barcelona ya tienen una nueva revista que les informa de todo cuanto puede interesar al visita[...]